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Indian Wells Valley ISP Provides New Junk Email and Virus Protection from Postini

IWVISP has partnered with Postini to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer. IWVISP will be providing two levels of this service. A Basic level which is a free part of our service to our customers and an Advanced level for a additional cost of $2.00 per month

The Basic level will block viruses and about 45% of the spam e-mail.

The Advanced level will allow you to control how your mail is filtered. It will also provide you with a personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center. In the Message Center you can read the quarantined email online, delete it, or deliver (forward) it to your in box. You will also be able to "block" senders; meaning email from them will always be filtered. Or you can "approve" senders; meaning their email will always be delivered.

We are offering this service because of our commitment to bring you the best Internet service available.

The Postini services are private and secure. The junk email and virus protection is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Nobody will read your email. Your email is not censored, YOU control the filter settings.

If you want to sign up for our Advance level of Spam and Virus protection please call us at 446-5006 or e-mail us and we will be happy to set it up.

If you do not want any spam or virus protection from Postini please call us at 446-5006 or e-mail us and we will be happy to remove your address.

For more information about Postini visit their Web site at www.postini.com

Thank You