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IWVISP DSL Service is available in certain areas of Ridgecrest, Inyokern, and Trona.  Basic DSL service starts at 1000 kbps (or 1.0mbps) download with 384 kbps upload.  Higher speeds may be available for qualifying phone lines.  In addition to the regular DSL service (which uses an active phone line), we also offer Dry Loop DSL Service (DSL service that operates without an active phone line).  To find out if you are available for DSL, give us a call at (760) 446-5006 or email us at support@iwvisp.com for a free pre-qual check.  All we need for the pre-qual is Your name, Contact number, Service Address, and the Service Phone Number.

  • Support from 10AM to 6PM Monday through Friday

  • Up to 3 additional email accounts available for no additional charge
  • Web-space available for each account
  • Monthly cost for the basic DSL service starts at $49.95 per month
  • This service requires a DSL modem to operate, which we sell for $40.
  • Initial activation is $60.
  • Service is month to month, no contract required!

IWVISP Dial-up
is available almost anywhere!  We have local access numbers and a database of numbers available for out of town trips.  All you need is an active phone line!
  • Support from 9AM to 7PM Monday through Friday, and 11AM to 7PM Saturday

  • Up to 3 additional email accounts available for no additional charge
  • Local access numbers
  • Web-space available with each account
  • Only $19.95 per month for email invoicing; $20.95 for postal invoicing.
  • Annual accounts available for $200 per year.

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